Planning your Trip to Mississippi

If you really want to transform your vacation time this year, try a Mississippi destination for something really fun and different.  Ocean Springs and the Mississippi West Coast offer different types of lifestyles from a quiet, peaceful weekend to an action packed holiday.

 Ocean Springs:

Nestled in the Mississippi Gulf Coast on Biloxi Bay, about a mile from the active Biloxi casino area, Ocean Springs is a cute little cottage town loaded with significant historic areas as well as tons of shopping, dining and entertainment.  The pedestrian friendly downtown area has something to please everyone from entertainment, dancing, more than 90 restaurants, galleries, bed and breakfasts, motels, boutique hotels and over 150 memorable shops.  Ocean Springs has all of this and a gorgeous white sandy beach that is hard to match anywhere else.

For a vacation that is inspiring and exciting, you will be welcome in Ocean Springs, MS!  History buffs will fall in love with this area as it is known as the City of Discovery.  Dating back to 1699, the French had a settlement here, probably because of the abundant beauty and the natural resources that were appreciated by Native Americans before them.  One visit and you will see and taste the flavors and influence of the many cultures that have made the area home over the last 300 years.

Find out more information about the Ocean Springs area here.

 West Coast Area

Mississippi’s West Coast is the personification of Southern style and class mingled with a multitude of activities from recreational to cultural arts to simply remarkable cuisine.  The pleasing weather lends itself to many pursuits for the sportsman including golfing, fishing, biking, birding, hiking, camping and its wonderful beaches.

Don’t miss the night life of Mississippi’s West Coast either – in Bay St. Louis you will find the Silver Slipper Casino and the Hollywood Casino – both with highly regarded shows for your enjoyment.

Find out more information about the Mississippi West Coast area here.