With almost perfectly blue skies almost all year round and many lakes, rivers, bays and bayous; Alabama is one of the hottest destination points in the country. Its gulf waters and cultural mixture of French, Spanish, British and Old South combine with the classical architecture to create a place unlike any other. With a love of spices, the sea, sports, and cultural celebrations there’s always a place to be!

Planning your Trip to Alabama

Alabama’s coasts has a rich history with many stories to tell and one of the most diverse ecosystems on earth! Our destinations include the white sand beaches of the Gulf Coasts and one of the biggest estuaries in the United States, Mobile Bay.

Gulf Shores :

When you visit the gulf shores for the first time the world melts away and you are immersed in the quiet sounds of the waves lapping across the sands of the beach shore while lingering at one of the many seaside restaurants. Deep water fishing, hiking, and championship golf courses; as well as historical sites such as Fort Morgan of the Civil War battle of Mobile Bay are just a few of the attractions of this get-away paradise at Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.

Mobile Bay:

Where modern development meet the calm of the coastal outdoors… The history, festivals  and fresh seafood blend to make one of the best vacation spots in the country. Sweeping coast lines and lush greenery of the outdoors come together with the exciting night-life and cultural celebrations in this quiet paradise, equipped with all the modern conveniences.

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